Allison Fay Brown is Vermont based folk singer-songwriter and professionally trained actress for stage and screen.

With over twenty years of experience studying and composing music for piano and guitar,  Allison's music spans the styles of folk, blues, and progressive rock. Influenced by bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Heart, and Tracy Chapman; as well as 90s Grunge and boy band pop (Backstreet Boys for life,) Allison uses driving vocals, evocative lyrics and climbing progressions to tell stories through song. Leaning on her theatre background to develop lyrics - Allison enjoys weaving vivid imagery with complex characters to mirror, relate to, and make sense of this human experience of reality.

In 2016, Allison's acting career launched with her playing the principle character, Chloe, in the feature length film, Thrasher Road. Following the shoot, Allison moved to Brooklyn, New York to begin her studies at the highly competitive: New School for Drama, Acting Master's Program. Despite the rigors and excitement of the program, Allison felt wanting by academic environment, and independent performance opportunities were what called her. Withdrawing from the program and hungry for expression, Allison began busking on New York City subway platforms, developing the songs that would ultimately mark her debut EP Album, Cardinal. The album was recorded and released in 2019, by which time Allison had returned to her college town of Burlington, Vermont.

Now in the wake of the pandemic which has changed all of our inner landscapes, Allison is recommitting her devotion to  creative expression, building community with all sorts of folks, and living a gentle and intentional life. She lives in Wilder, VT with her cat PeekaBoo and too many houseplants. 

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